5 reasons to date a guy with a beard.

There are many reasons you should chose to date a guy with a beard.

Number one. They are hot ! Sorry but there is no denying take an ordinary man add a beard and they go from not to hot in a hairs breath. Look at Tom Hardy pre and post beard , I rest my case.

Number two. It has been scientifically proven men with beards are perceived as being more masculine by both men and women. So men no longer have to spend hours in the gym pumping iron, just grow a beard and instantly become more manly.

Number three. Bearded men are more sophisticated. There is something about the old school glamour of a beard that gives bearded men an air of refined charm.

Number four. Bearded men can give the illusion of a more mature gentleman. Growing a beard suddenly turns a boy into a man. No one wants to date someone who looks like their son. Date a bearded man and you wont have this problem ever again.

Number five. Men with beards have more time to spend with you. Instead of fighting to get in the bathroom each morning, if you date a man with a beard then he will spend less time preening himself and more time on you.

So if you don’t love beards already you really should give it a beardy good go. Remember Love is in the hair.

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