Beard Styles

I been looking into beard styles and the types of men who grow beards. It appears there are many differant sub groups with the beard community.

There is The lumberjack , a real man’s man who grows a beard beacuse he is just to manly to groom. He enjoys the outdoors, fishing , hunting and general manly pursuits.

The Biker , much like the lumberjack but with a motor bike and tattoos.

The Bear, this a a bearded gay man who is usually a little on the cuddly side.

The hipster, this guy is very on trend his beard reflects the current trend in fashion and he is all about preening with the latest beard oils and waxes.

The tattooed beared guy, this beard wearer is usually super cool and wears a beard not beacuse its cool but because he will do what the hell he wants to.

The casual beard wearer , usually has just grown a beard to see how he looks does not class him self as part of the beard gang just happens to be a guy who has a beard.

Which one are you ?


  • Vinz

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    • V Forde

      Hi I am a little confused as to the connection to beard styles ?

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