Craig & Veronica’s Story

Veronica’s story: When I first saw Craig’s profile to be honest I was not instantly attracted to him . That sounds awful but he had used just one really bad profile pic. So he wasn’t someone who I would have messaged, luckily he contacted me first. When we started chatting I realised that I really got on with this guy and he really made me laugh. After we had been chatting for a while on here and I felt comfortable we arranged to meet. We met at the train station so there would be loads of people around and I would feel safe. When he walked over I was shocked his profile picture did not do him justice at all. I feel like I have met my soul mate and I can’t imagine my life without him in it. So my advice would be , give people a chance to get to know them when they get in touch and put lots of natural photos on that show the real you good and bad. And remember there is someone for everyone.

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